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Libertad~ 3 by Heroofthe13thDay Libertad~ 3 :iconheroofthe13thday:Heroofthe13thDay 1 0 Libertad~2 by Heroofthe13thDay Libertad~2 :iconheroofthe13thday:Heroofthe13thDay 0 0 Libertad by Heroofthe13thDay Libertad :iconheroofthe13thday:Heroofthe13thDay 0 3 Beauty in Music by Heroofthe13thDay Beauty in Music :iconheroofthe13thday:Heroofthe13thDay 1 0
Gulliver's Curse Finale
The surprisingly alive Winchester sat dusty and disoriented under the moonlight. In the middle of the desert, the giant seemed the only thing visible. He had checked his leg and there was no chain. Whatever had saved him had freed him as well. Shaking his head, he recovered his bearings. First thing on his list was to find Sammy. Immediately after that, they would have to get the hell out of here. Standing up, Dean tried to shake up the sand that covered every inch of his body. The only thing he got from that was a nasty cough. Foregoing on his appearance for the moment, he began walking.
After what felt like a couple of miles, the lost human finally saw something than the never-ending dunes. He couldn’t recognize what it was, only making out small spots in the dark. As he came closer, Dean realized it was a small town. Tiny houses that looked like incredibly realistic models were sprawled around. Toothpick like fences bordered gardens that could have fit in a single flowerpo
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Gulliver's Curse 4
It was at a hallway where Jenan couldn’t see or hear what was happening. It was getting dark and barely any light made it through the windows that opened up in the sides. Clouds covered the moon, making his duties harder than the casual stroll he was used to by now. The night shifts were the most mind-numbing boring tasks that could exist, if he didn’t count the instances when he had to listen to the General’s ramblings. He paced back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, back and forth…
Suddenly he stopped. Something had moved by the corner of his eye, he was sure of it. Even in the dark, there was a flicker of movement in the other hall. Putting a hand in the hilt of his sword, the guard approached the intersection. Right before he turned around the corner, Jenan crouched. He could make another figure in the other hall. Silently unsheathing his weapon, he jumped on the other person. A cry of alarm was heard and both went tumbling to the ground.
:iconheroofthe13thday:Heroofthe13thDay 6 6
Gulliver's Curse 3
It was on the road back to town where Lemual found Sam. As she smiled at him, relief flooded her.
“Sam! I thought that by now we would have your giant of a brother running amuck here.”
She was teasing, but he frowned. “Dean’s not dangerous, you would know that if you met him. He’s chained down there so unless I can break them, he’s not gonna be able to move.”
“You can’t.” He suddenly turned to her. “I-I mean, you can’t break them, the chains. General Guthrie uses magic to imprison the hu… huge giants. It’s the only way to hold them down.”
“Them? Have there been more people like Dean in this island?”
Lemual reluctantly answered. “Well… some wash up in shore.” The way she said it made him stop in his tracks.
“And what does he do with them?”
The young woman didn’t answer, opting instead to look anywhere but him.
“Lem… what happens to them?
:iconheroofthe13thday:Heroofthe13thDay 8 7
Gulliver's Curse 2
By the time they arrived, Dean’s back and behind had fallen asleep. The gargantuan man wished he had slept a little himself, what with the rough night he had, but unfortunately that wasn’t the case. The small voices he heard now and then made him stay aware but he could barely catch a word they were saying. Besides, who knew what these little creeps might do to him while he was unconscious.
The annoying lightweight from earlier approached the huge man with his army, glowering at having such a large creature under his control.
“Release him to the void!” And then Dean was falling.
It was a short fall. He was wrapped in chains the second he touched the bottom. Groaning, he felt how sore his body was getting from all this crap. Lifting up his head, he growled at the tiny figures by the edge of his prison.
“What do you plan to do to me?”
From below, he could barely hear the smug response. “You’ll see soon enough.”
They left, and Dean loo
:iconheroofthe13thday:Heroofthe13thDay 9 9
Gulliver's Curse 1
When Sam came down for breakfast, he felt much better than when he woke up. Having his own clothes and a new perspective lifted his spirits. The Winchester followed the delicious smell to the dining room and almost couldn’t believe his eyes. It was a proper breakfast: a prepared meal with actual cutlery. Without hesitating, he sat down and started eating.
Coming from the kitchen was Lemual with a cup of coffee and a grin. “Glad to see someone likes my cooking.” She took a place in the table and started eating too, but at a much slower pace.
“Mmmh.” Embarrassed, Sam slowed down and wiped his mouth with a napkin. “Sorry, it’s been awhile…”
“Don’t be.” She waved it off, but took notice of what he was going to say. “How are you feeling?”
“Great.” This time he wasn’t lying. He was strangely calm, even as something was nagging on the back of his mind. “Thanks for taking me in last nigh
:iconheroofthe13thday:Heroofthe13thDay 10 8
Gulliver's Curse Prologue
“Crap, there’s nothing here.”
Cursing as he took out the last book of the shelf, Dean stood up. After sitting for hours, he had to stretch out to get rid of the cramps. The hunter looked around the office, scanning the nautical paraphernalia that seemed to be the theme of the room. Even with that, the office was clearly elegantly put up, making the Winchesters the only out of place of the room. He seemed dissatisfied with his search and groaned as his back got rid of the last of the cramps.
“Did you find anything?”
To anyone it would seem like he was talking to thin air, but a small voice answered from the desk on the other side of the room.
“Nothing useful.” Stepping over from an anchor statue appeared a small man, barely four inches tall. “Everything looks normal over here.”
“Figures.” The older, and larger, brother got closer to take a better look. “This guy is as clean as it comes, even if he’s a little n
:iconheroofthe13thday:Heroofthe13thDay 15 12
Iron Songbird 20
Hank yawned. “I don’t know how you manage to do it daily. It must be exhausting.” And it was. The size-shifter had never been as tired as when he was doll size. “And on top of everything, an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.!”
Robin shrugged. “I’ve never known different.”
Hank couldn’t fathom his whole life as a tiny person. Going up the stairs like hiking, furniture the size of buildings and giants everywhere you looked…”
He tried to stop that frightening train of thought and focused in other matters. “I want to study and analyze your metabolism, with your consent of course. It can’t be that different from a human’s, only adapted to your stature. Surely, with all the energy you use daily, it needs to compensate somehow or cope in ways that aren’t common…”
As he kept on rambling on her anatomy and body conditions, Robin couldn’t help compare the two science fanatic humans on her life. Tony
:iconheroofthe13thday:Heroofthe13thDay 1 3
Iron Songbird 19
For the next few hours, Hank got a grasp on how life was for Robin. Everything was ridiculously enormous and heavy (he learned that the hard way). Things that he counted on as granted every day were more complicated. Like for instance, just to get off the table to the ground, they had to climb down. Robin did it unconsciously and it was the first time he noticed all the ropes and ladders in his lab. They were everywhere and he realized how string was now his principal mode of transportation.  
They moved from the lab to the living room. Robin had to stop to either help Hank move through the rug or to keep him from getting easily distracted.
“I swear, you’re worse than a chipmunk.” She muttered as she led him underneath the coffee table.
Hank barely heard her as he looked at how tall it was. By itself, it looked like a building made of wood.
“I just can’t believe how big everything is! I mean, that table doesn’t even go past my knees any other da
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Unamused by Heroofthe13thDay Unamused :iconheroofthe13thday:Heroofthe13thDay 8 2 My Little Artist by Heroofthe13thDay My Little Artist :iconheroofthe13thday:Heroofthe13thDay 9 3 Blue in the Castle by Heroofthe13thDay Blue in the Castle :iconheroofthe13thday:Heroofthe13thDay 4 5 Hot Pepper by Heroofthe13thDay Hot Pepper :iconheroofthe13thday:Heroofthe13thDay 3 3


Puppet by GraWolfQuinn
Mature content
Puppet :icongrawolfquinn:GraWolfQuinn 336 91
lil tiny jr by DonnyAnne lil tiny jr :icondonnyanne:DonnyAnne 47 40 Out of the River by Bethelina Out of the River :iconbethelina:Bethelina 61 27 Reverse Verse by Jennilah Reverse Verse :iconjennilah:Jennilah 11 3 Peek Around by Friendlyfoxpal Peek Around :iconfriendlyfoxpal:Friendlyfoxpal 66 8 Up Close by Friendlyfoxpal Up Close :iconfriendlyfoxpal:Friendlyfoxpal 95 10 Bella Notte by SuoGanDjinn Bella Notte :iconsuogandjinn:SuoGanDjinn 38 12 Night of the prom by SuoGanDjinn Night of the prom :iconsuogandjinn:SuoGanDjinn 75 20 Selfie on the beach by fujonosamy Selfie on the beach :iconfujonosamy:fujonosamy 35 5 My Neighbor Sans Bus by Friendlyfoxpal My Neighbor Sans Bus :iconfriendlyfoxpal:Friendlyfoxpal 85 38 I Found An Egg by Friendlyfoxpal I Found An Egg :iconfriendlyfoxpal:Friendlyfoxpal 72 22
New Heights - Chapter 1
Sam pulled an oaken bow from the back of the Impala, running a hand along its length. Out of all the monsters he could have been going after... He shook his head in incredulity. He wouldn't have believed the story, honestly, if it weren't for Bobby's stern berating over the phone. Caleb's the one who found it, and you know he ain't one for telling stories. Now quit being a know-it-all, ya idjit!
He smirked fondly at the memory, but quickly sobered when he returned his attention to the weapon before him. He slung a quiver of poison-tipped silver arrows across his back, figuring at least part of the lore they'd pieced together would have an effect. He wasn't one for archery, but apparently bow and arrow was one of the identified death weapons, in Greek mythology if he remembered correctly. The silver was pure speculation, and the poison a failsafe. Though he would usually handle the research himself, at Bobby's insistence he had relinquished his own idea of a well-placed slash to
:icontheskylarksings:theskylarksings 19 16
My Neighbor Sans by Friendlyfoxpal My Neighbor Sans :iconfriendlyfoxpal:Friendlyfoxpal 89 59
Dangerous | | 0
This story will involve swearing and discussion of vore, murder, and sex. The sex does happen in-story, but it's never “on-screen” or described in detail.
    Of course there were going to be rumors.
    Of course everyone was going to find out eventually.
    They had known that since the beginning. Since the morning after the giant entered the land and the rangers huddled silent in outposts and offices, desperate to avoid becoming another victim. Since the next day’s dawn, when Meredith found a baby much bigger than she was silent and shivering on the forest floor. While they worked to decide if the baby lived and, if it did, how it would live, it was in the back of everyone’s minds. Took three years for someone to finally come out with it, though.
    He was under his covers now, all huddled up in the corner of the biggest cave they could find in the human/giant border territory. “Tucking in
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Happy LITTLE  girl by 3Fy Happy LITTLE girl :icon3fy:3Fy 43 12 You Hold The Sun by Friendlyfoxpal You Hold The Sun :iconfriendlyfoxpal:Friendlyfoxpal 67 6



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